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Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Agency

The Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Agency (ALCO EMS) is the Agency that plans, implements, and oversees all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) activities conducted in Alameda County.

02/03/2020- 911 Transport Provider Compliance Reports
Response time compliance reports for the contracted 911 EOA transport provider (Falck) are now available. You can view these reports by following the links below: 

January 2020  | Archived Reports 

02/03/2020- Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) Reports
APOT reports have been updated and are now available for viewing:

January 2020 | Archived Reports 

01/31/2020- Information Regarding Coronavirus Outbreak
For the latest information about the recent Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV) Outbreak and EMS' role in this outbreak, please read the linked memos below

01/06/2020- EMS System Plans Approval
The California EMS Authority (EMSA) recently approved our Agency's 2018-2019 System Plan and the STEMI, Stroke, Quality Improvement, and Trauma System Status reports. You can view any of these approved plans by visiting our Documents Page and scrolling down to the "Plans" section 

12/31/2019- 2020 EMS Field Manual & Mobile Apps

Hard copies of the 2020 Field Manual are available through your provider agency or by visiting our office. The PDF version of the 2020 Field Manual is linked below.  The iOS and Android versions of the mobile apps have been updated and are now available via the links below.

11/21/2019- EMS System Redesign Meetings

In September, we met with all of our EMS system stakeholders to begin the process of redesigning Alameda County's EMS system. You can find the related documents and schedule for these meetings on our EMS System Redesign Page

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