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About the EMS Agency

Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Agency (ALCO EMS) is a District within the Health Care Services Agency. We are recognized by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority as a "Local EMS Agency," or LEMSA. LEMSA's throughout the state are responsible for planning, implementing, evaluating, and regulating local EMS systems. Many of our responsibilities, and the authority needed to carry our oversight role, are derived from Division 2.5 of the California Health and Safety Code and related chapters of Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.

The EMS System is comprised of many stakeholders including dispatch centers, first responder agencies, ambulance providers, hospitals, and specialty centers for the emergency care of victims of major trauma, stroke, and certain serious heart conditions.  The Alameda County EMS Agency coordinates the comprehensive emergency medical services system through its contracted and permitted provider organizations, as well as through the development and implementation of policies and procedures for prehospital care.

The EMS Agency works closely with system stakeholders as it seeks to continually improve patient care and service delivery through evidence-based policy and program development.

ALCO EMS promotes health equity through its Injury Prevention Program as well as its EMS Corps and Health Pathway Partnership programs which help prepare young people in underserved communities for careers in health care.


Helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives through training, preparedness, prevention, and medical response.


Alameda County EMS ensures the provision of quality emergency medical response services and prevention programs to improve health and safety in Alameda County.

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The overall goals of the Alameda County EMS Agency are aligned with the Institute for Health Improvement’s Triple Aim for health care, which are:

      • Sustain and improve the quality of clinical care the patient receives
      • Stabilize or reduce the cost of EMS services
      • Improve patient satisfaction
To support achievement of these goals, the Alameda County EMS Agency has identified the following six tenets for EMS System improvement:

      • Preserving a high level of emergency medical response throughout the County
      • Producing a system that is cost-effective while preserving a high level of response and care
      • Maintain a system that is County-wide (i.e., current Exclusive Operating Areas "EOAs"), which delivers consistent service throughout all areas and jurisdictions of the County
      • Maintaining and supporting the current and future EMS workforce
      • Promoting a system that is sustainable for the long term
      • Preserving the appropriate regulatory and oversight relationship between the Local EMS Agency (LEMSA) and its contracted and permitted providers.

 Finally, the essential elements of Alameda County’s EMS System include:

      • Prevention and early recognition
      • Bystander action/system access
      • Emergency Medical Dispatch of ambulances and First Responders
      • Telephone protocols and pre-arrival instructions
      • First Responder ALS services
      • Transport ambulance services (ALS and BLS)
      • Direct (on-line) medical control
      • Receiving facility interface
      • Indirect (off-line) medical control
      • Independent operational, financial, and clinical monitoring and quality improvement by the EMS Agency
EMS Leadership Team:
Lauri McFadden EMS Director (510) 618-2055
William McClurg Deputy EMS Director (510) 618-2030
Anne Kronenberg Special Projects (510) 618-2035
Dr. Karl Sporer Medical Director (510) 618-2042
Dr. Jocelyn Garrick Deputy Medical Director | Health Pathway Partnership Director | Health Coaches Director (510) 618-2044
Kat Woolbright Injury Prevention Program Manager (510) 618-1990
Adele Pagán IS Manager (510) 618-1924
Jim Morrissey Supervising EMS Coordinator | MHOAC | Disaster | Terrorism (510) 618-2036
EMS Coordinator Team:
Cynthia Frankel EMS for Children | EMS System Plan | Automated External Defibrillators | Reddinet | Disaster Preparedness Program (510) 618-2031
Kreig Harmon Field Protocols | Digital Content | Logistics (510) 667-7984
Mike Jacobs Specialty Systems of Care - Cardiac | Stroke | Trauma (510) 618-2047
Elsie Kusel Continuing Education | Preceptor & Training Programs |Community Paramedicine | Speciality Programs (510) 481-4197
Ryan Preston CA OES Region II Regional Disaster Medical Health Specialist (RDMHS) (510) 618-2033
Scott Salter EMT Certification & Accreditation | Professional Standards (510) 618-2022
Lee Siegel Policies & Procedures | Continuous Quality Improvement | Critical Care Transportation | Provider Accreditation (510) 667-3083
Leslie Simmons BLS Ambulance Ordinance/Permitting | Receiving Facility Liaison (510) 667-7412
Andrew Sulyma Dispatch Liaison | Fire Department Liaison | CA OES Region II Regional Disaster Medical Health Specialist (RDMHS) (510) 667-7533
Gerald Takahashi Educational Programs   
Yolanda Takahashi Community Assessment and Transport Team (CATT) Project Manager | 911 EOA Transport Provider Liaison | Unusual Occurences | Compliance (510) 618-2003
Health Pathway Partnership (HPP) Team:
Sequoia Hall Health Pathway Partnership, Program Manager (510) 618-2032
Health Coach Program Team:
Michael Pham Health Coach  (510) 667-3073
EMS Corps Team:
Michael Gibson EMS Corps Program Director (510) 618-2025
Lucrecia Bobo Career Job Placement Coordinator (510) 667-7413
Deyante Newson EMS Corps Academic Case Manager (510) 618-2074
Injury Prevention Team:
Emma Olenberger Childhood Injury Prevention Program (CIPP) Coordinator | Safe Kids Alameda County Coordinator  (510) 618-2028
Ysela Jimenez Community Health Outreach  (510) 618-2045
Carol Powers Senior Injury Prevention Program (SIPP) Coordinator  (510) 667-3055
Information Services Team:
Leo Derevin Data Analysis | Database Administrator | Reporting (510) 618-2046
Wilman Woo Webmaster | IS Support  (510) 618-2029
Administrative Services Team:
Erica Campos EMS Secretary (510) 618-2024
Michelle Barrientos Specialist Clerk II (510) 667-4329
Elise Harris Specialist Clerk I (510) 618-2059
Sonya Lee Specialist Clerk I (510) 618-2034
Maria Ramos Specialist Clerk I (510) 618-2096
Shante Williams Specialist Clerk I (510) 618-2050 
Click map to get directions. OFFICE ADDRESS:
Alameda County Emergency Medical Services
Phone:  510-618-2050
Fax:  510-618-2099

Please note:
Some mapping programs and GPS devices will route you to a location other than our offices. Our office is located near the Northeast corner of the intersection of Davis St and San Leandro Blvd, inside of Creekside Plaza.

8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday