Paramedic Preceptor Information

The role of a preceptor is to mentor and evaluate paramedic interns in the field setting.

- Preceptors must be approved by the Alameda County EMS Agency. Candidates will receive approval in writing within 30 days of submitting the required documentation. See Preceptor Requirements policy for more information.

Interested candidates must submit the following to the EMS Agency for approval:

  1. An Alameda County preceptor application.
  2. A copy of a current California paramedic license.  Paramedic licensure and county accreditation must be in good standing with no documented incidents requiring remediation during the past calendar year.  Two years total experience as a paramedic is also required.
  3. Documentation verifying accreditation as an advanced level paramedic for at least one year in Alameda County. Definition found in Policy #2000 (Exceptions to this standard may be made by the EMS Medical Director).
  4. Successful completion of a Field Preceptor Training Workshop approved and periodically monitored by the Alameda County EMS Agency. Significant experience in teaching methodology may be substituted with medical director’s approval.  Experience in teaching methodologies may include one of the following: 
    • California State Fire Marshal "Fire Instructor 1A and 1B", National Fire Academy "Fire Service Instructional Methodology" course or equivalent Sixty (60) hours in "Techniques of Teaching" courses. 
    • Sixty hours in "Techniques of Teaching" courses.
    • Four (4) semester units of upper division credit in educational materials, methods and curriculum development or equivalent from a college or university. 
    • National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) "EMS Instructor Course"
  5. A written recommendation from the provider agency.
  6. Alameda County Paramedic Preceptor Renewal Application
  7. The EMS Medical Director must approve any exceptions to the above requirements.

For questions or more information please contact our Paramedic Preceptor Program Coordinator