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The Alameda County EMS Agency actively participates in nationwide Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMS-C) initiative. The EMS-C initiative reduces child and youth mortality and morbidity resulting from severe illness or trauma. This includes educating and preparing our community members who have or care for children. 

The Alameda County EMS Agency works toward that mission in several ways:

    • Develop, implement, and integrate State/National EMS-C activities into entire spectrum of care for children and youth.
    • Develop and promote injury or illness prevention, preparedness, and detection programs for the community and healthcare professionals.
    • Promoting community preparedness to ensure that all ill or injured children and adolescents receive state of the art emergency medical care from prehospital personnel, and rehabilitation specialists.
    • To improve neonatal/pediatric medical surge capability and capacity throughout Alameda County.

Below are some EMS-C program resources for both community members and healthcare professionals. For even more information about the EMS for Children program, we invite you to view the California EMS Authority's EMS for Children website.

***Please note: If you are participating in the 2021 Pediatric Site Visit program with our Agency, please click "Emergency Department Pediatric Readiness/Site Visit Education Project" below for relevant information and forms.***

For more information or if you have questions about our EMS for Children program, please contact our EMS-C Coordinator.