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This page provides information and resources related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Scroll down and click the tabs to find information that is relevant to your needs. We will be updating this page as frequently as possible as this situation develops, so please check back for updates.


  • California Health Corps - Use this link to register for the California Health Corps which is a State program for trained medical and healthcare workers to sign up and provide availability to assist in the COVID-19 response. 



Please note: When you are placing a request via the links below, it is expected that you have exhausted every other means for obtaining the requested items.

To access this storefront, you must do the following:
1. Request that an account be created by following the link above, clicking "Create Account," and then completing the form with all of the requested information, and clicking "Submit". You will then receive an email confirming your request. You will not be able to view or request items during this step.
2. You will receive a separate email confirming that your request for an account was approved.
3. Once you have received an email stating that your account was approved, you will then be able to access the storefront and request items that are available.

  • Resource Requests for non-medical personnel, non-medical supplies and other items specific for COVID-19 should be submitted through your local city's Emergency Operations Center (EOC). If the city can not fill the request they will escalate the request to the County. DO NOT SUBMIT A FORM THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. 


Situation Status: